The broad objective is to track & monitor Programme Campaign effectiveness.

Specifically, the project seek to address the following :

  • Ensure that our esteemed clientele get real value for money through the validation of adverts in the print, electronic, outdoor and event media.
  • Provide advertising compliance analysis distilled to reflect planned against actual in a reader friendly manner (Electronic, Outdoor and Press).
  • Provide executive summary showing all campaign activities and level of compliance in one sheet (both in absolute and % terms)
  • Make available Share of Voice, Share of Spend(Electronic) and Share of Exposure (Outdoor)
  • Provide historic data for planning.
  • Provide credible strategic information on media activities of competition to our clients.
  • Serve as a watch dog for all data gathered from the field
  • Provide index report on the actual advertising spot patronage by target audience. This aligns electronic media flight with actual media patronage habit of intended audience and the contribution of spots in terms of both reach and frequency to the GRP estimation on time segment basis.
  • Advertising is expensive, and companies are often frustrated by their return on investment on their advertising spend. They either don’t know what it is or it is lower than what they had anticipated.